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Immunisation protects the community against vaccine-preventable diseases. Each vaccine plays an important role, so timely vaccination is the best way to protect your child. This website offers parents access to comprehensive information on immunisation as well as the following, easy-to-use free tools designed to help you save the date to vaccinate.


Why Vaccinate

  • Vaccination is the best way to protect your child from serious diseases.

  • By vaccinating you are protecting your child as well as the broader community.

  • The more people vaccinate their children, the more we can control serious vaccine-preventable diseases.


The immunisation schedule provides a summary of the vaccines that your child needs and the ages at which they should be given.

Delaying vaccination when your little one is feeling off colour is a normal response. But the truth is, even if they have a runny nose or slight cold they can still receive their shots. Read more

Timely vaccination is the best way to keep your child protected from serious vaccine-preventable diseases. So book ahead, make an appointment with your doctor. Download one of our handy tools to help you save the date to vaccinate.


Where to Vaccinate

Vaccinations are provided by:

  • GPs

  • Aboriginal Medical Services

  • Some local councils

  • Some community health centres

If you're unsure about what services are available in your area, you can contact your nearest Public Health Unit on 1234 567 890 for more information.

Mythes & Realties

At times, parents can come across mixed and often confusing messages about immunisation. If you have any concerns about immunisation, you should discuss these with your GP or health professional.

A range of other useful links which can provide you with more information about the myths and realities of immunisation are listed below: